Don Alias

Tuck Andress

Jeff Berlin

Band of Skulls

Michael Brecker

Larry Coryell

Phil deGruy

Kevin Eubanks

Reeves Gabrels

Barbara Hammer

Pierre Huyghe

Richard Julian

Wayne Krantz



Pat Martino

Donny McCaslin

Dewey Redman

Marcus Rojas

Leni Stern

Pat Stern

Mike Stern

Nice, but Stern

Dave Tronzo

Cassandra Wilson





American Express



Chase Manhattan


City of New York


Exxon Mobil




Johnson & Johnson











Phillip Morris



Time Warner




Voom Network



Film & Show Credits


Unsettled Dust- directed by Lisa Katzman 2018

Jean Franco- by Ardele Lister    in production 2018

Coming Home- dir. by Jon Bulette   music by Nick Oddy--  in production 2018

Evidentiary Bodies- by Barbara Hammer  Whitney Museum & Berlin Biennial 2018  music: Scott Johnson, Barbara Hammer & David Goldman

Near Change- by Andre Sogliuzzo.  music produced by David Goldman  2017

Literally Right Before Aaron- dir. by Ryan Eggold.  music with Ryan Eggold  Premieres 4/22/17 Tribeca Film Festival

The Light of the Moon- dir. by Jessica Thompson.  With Joe Arcidiacono.  Main Score by David Torn 2017  SXSW Audience Choice Award

Welcome to this House   by Barbara Hammer. (sound design)  MoMa May 2015

The Congressman- w/Joe Arcidiacono.  Main Score by  David Carbonara 2015

The Fly MUST Die 2013  w/ Nick Oddy

The Happy Embalmer- 2009-2029  Nicholas P. Oddy & Mark O. Noonan

Down Home "Where the Past is Present"  Rick Kaplan 2009

Splitting Hairs- 2008 Stone Roberts/Nicholas Oddy    music by Nick Oddy

Tootie's Last Suit- 2007-  dir. by Lisa Katzman

This is Not a Time For Dreaming - Pierre Huyghe 2004  w/ Joe Arcidiacono

 Angels in America- 2005-Theater - The Heights Players Production NY

Gravity-  2004 Sidney Sidner   with Joe Arcidiacono

A Patriot Act-  2004 Lillibet Foster  with Joe Arcidiacono

The Golden Age of Nascar-  2004   John Warner   w/Joe Arcidiacono

Wagons of Steel - 2001 dir. by David Poremba

Forms and Motifs 1994   -Margaret Hetherman  

Sister Louis's Discovery 1994   -Margaret Hetherman 

Nick & Rachel 1997-Margaret Hetherman 

The Delivery 1999-Margaret Hetherman 

Verizon Cellphone-   Default Ringtones since 2003


Album Credits


Luca-  2018 “Lions” prod/eng/instr

Ryan Eggold - 2017 prod/eng.  in production

Luca  "Pillars" 2016  prod/eng.

The Raw Dogs  2014 eng.

Andre Sogliuzzo- Love Songs and Other Problems  2014 eng/ co-Prod.

Sonia Montez  2013 eng/instr//mix/prod.

Lora-Faye "Beards" 2012 eng/mix/co-prod.

Dr. Mars "Europa"   mix

Tommy Wiggins "A Good Wife"  2010 gtr.

Dr. Chompski & The Grey People"Some Sad Weekend"  2010 eng/mix

Anne Roberts "Midnight Whispers"  2009 eng.

Big Mine "Relativity"  2009 gtr.

Richard Julian "Slow New York"   2005 eng.

Phil deGruy "Just Duet"  heard instinct 2004   eng.

Tommy Wiggins   "Adult Themes" chili dog 2004 prod/eng./gtr.

Pat Martino   "All Sides Now"  blue note 1997 eng.

Wayne Krantz/Leni Stern   "Separate Cages"  alchemy 1996   eng.

Leni Stern   "Black Guitar"  LSR 1998  eng.

Reeves Gabrels  "Ulysses (Della Notte) w/ David Bowie, Dave Grohl & Robert Smith.  E-Magine 2000 Mix

Vigil4/2003 Conscious Records Suzanne Vega compilation CD "No Song" by Richard Julian

Tommy Wiggins "Big Apple Hum"  chili dog 2001 prod/eng./gtr.

Dr. Chompski & The Grey PeopleStop the Dreidels!  2000 eng/mix

Joseph Parsons "5a.m." 1997 eng.

Joseph Parsons "Lies"    1995 guitar

Susan Biegler "Lucky"  1996 prod/eng/instr.

Pat Stern "Walk thru Walls"  1997 prod/eng/instr.

Harald Haerter/Dewey Redman "Live @ Blues Alley"  1997 eng.

Phil deGruy   "Hello Dali"  otter print 2002 eng.

Jean-Yves Joanny   "D'un coup d'aile"   1999 prod/eng/instr.

Debbie Deane   "Debbie Deane"  1999   eng.

Jeff Berlin   "Taking Notes"  Denon Records 1997 eng.




2 Cine Golden Eagle Awards 2009 for "100 People under the Sun"


Nike Lab

Clio 2003- Gold: Internet Advertising Rich Media

Clio 2003- Silver: Internet Advertising Fresh Approach

D&AD Awards 2003 -Selected to appear in the D&AD Annual NY Festival- 

   Grand Award: Best Web Site

Art directors club awards- Gold 2003

ADDY Awards- Gold 2003

Technology Marketing ICON Awards- Gold 2003

eDesign Interactive Awards - Winner 2003

Broadcast Design Association Awards- Silver: Consumer Web e-Commerce

Cannes Cyber Lions- Silver: E-Commerce


Nike Basketball

Cannes Cyber Lions 2003- Shortlist: Sports, Entertainment & Leisure- 

   Nike Sole System

One Show Awards-  business to consumer

Flash Film Festival 2003 Finalist

Flash Forward Awards- best commerce site 2003: Nike Basketball

Art directors club awards- Silver: Games and Entertainment


Nike Running

Merit Award 2003:  Nike Running

Communication Arts Award: Nike Running- Interaction Design

New York Festival 2003- Finalist: Best Web Site Design: Nike Running

E-Design 2003 -Winner: Web site: Nike Running

Technology Marketing ICON Awards-silver 2003- Nike Running





Sound Workshop 34c     60 x 24 x 2



Studer A80RC mkII  1/2" Master Recorder

Korg 1-bit DSD Recorder for mix capture

Revox PR99 1/4" Recorder



Burl B80 Mothership 20 x 32



ADAM S3A with Sub

Yamaha NS-10



Mic Pres

Neve 1066 (2)

Api 512 (4)

TAB Funkenwerk V78 (2)

Daking 52270B

Altec 1567a 

Altec 9475a (4)

CAPI VP26 (2)  

CAPI VP28 (2)

API 312



Neve 1066 (2)

ITI MEP-230 Stereo 5-Band EQ 

Telefunken 696b (2)

Filtek MK2 (2)

Api 550a (2)

Api 560 (2)

Daking 52270B

Empirical Labs Lil Freq

Urei 533

Rauland Spectrum Master! 6201

Intersound IVP



UREI 1176

Teletronix LA2A

Purple Audio MC77

ADR Compex 760XRS

Distressor (2)

Chandler TG1

SSL 384

Urei LA-12

dbx 165a

dbx 160VU

dbx 160x (2)

Valley People DynaMite!

Origin Effects Slide Rig 1176



Lexicon PCM 42

Lexicon PCM 41

Lexicon Primetime (2)

Mutron Digital Delay

Bricasti M7 Reverb

Lexicon PCM 90

Eventide H3000 D/SE Ultra Harmonizer (2)

Eventide 949 Harmonizer

AKG BX20 Reverb

Intersound PEV-1 Spring Reverb

Airline Tube Spring Reverb

Tapco 4400 Stereo Spring Reverb

Danelectro 9100 Tube Spring Reverb 1965

Peavey Valverb tube spring reverb/tremolo

Demeter Stereo Spring Reverb

Another pair of Spring Reverbs

Maris Mercury 7 Reverb

Lexicon VariSpeech model 27

MAM Resonator

Frostwave Resonator

Drawmer 201 

Yamaha SPX90

Roland SDE-1000

Pigtronix Echolution Delay

Fulltone Tube Tape Echo

Red Panda Particle

Lexicon Vortex  ! 

Electrix MO-FX

Electrix Filter Factory

Effectron II (2)

Studio Technologies AN-2 Dimension!

dbx 120A Teeth Rattler

Thirteen floor stairwell chamber

Little Labs ibp



Lucas CS-1

Lucas CS-4 

Neumann U67

Neumann 582H w/ M7 capsule



RCA SK-46 

Gefell M300 (2)

Coles 4038 (2)


Beyer m160

Beyer 260 DX

Beyer 201 (2)

Sony C-48

Sony C-37p

Sony C-38b

Advanced Audio cm47Fet CE

AKG C460B w/ CK61 capsule (2)

AKG 414 b-uls

AKG D12E (2)

AKG 224E



EV 635a

EV RE16 (3)

EV 664 (2)

Western Electric 633A Salt Shaker

Sennheiser 421 (2)

Sennheiser 409

Sennheiser 441

Shure SM57 (4)

Shure 545SG Unidyne III GOLD!

Shure 540 omni 

Shure SM7b

Shure SM58 

Crown PZM-30GPB

Audio Technica 4033

Audio Technica Pro 37R

Groove Tubes GT55 (2)


AKG D112

Sennheiser 609

Sony ECM-50 Lavalier (4)

Numerous Various & Sundry Oddball mics



Musegarden Instrument List

Dozens of Electric and Acoustic Guitars  

and Basses and Stringed Instruments

Upright Piano

1969 Fender Rhodes Mark 1 (thanks Andy!)

The Incredible "Venus with Genie" 1970 Organ (thanks Joan!)

Prophet 600 (thanks Joe!)

Roland Juno 6

Full Drum Kit with Cymbals



Multitude of Hand Drums and Percussion

Many Guitar Amps:

Blackface Super, Deluxe Reverb & Princeton Amps, 

1953 Tweed Deluxe, Mesa Boogie Studio Pre, Champ

Ampeg B-12N (thanks Linda!)

60s Danelectro combo

EV 1950s Tube Space Heater

Box Marimba, Xylophone & Metallophone


many Zithers and Autoharps

Tibetian Bells- various sizes/pitches